A strong pro field prepares itself for The Championship

Sebastian Kienle: ‘Just talking about the race, makes me smile already’

With assurances from triathletes like Sebastian Kienle, Florian Angert, Ben Kanute, David McNamee, Andreas Dreitz, Antony Costes, Rudy von Berg and Frederic Funk, the preliminary pro field for THECHAMPIONSHIP is strong already. Similarly in the women’s race: Lucy Charles, Radka Kahlefeldt, Anne Haug, Kimberley Morrison, Sarah Lewis and Daniela Bleymehl have all committed to the famous Middle Distance event in Samorin, Slovakia.

THECHAMPIONSHIP, alias CHALLENGEFAMILY‘s Middle Distance World Championship, will take place on 2nd June 2019. Last year’s men’s race was a thrilling one. Sebastian Kienle and Lionel Sanders were heads-up until the last couple of kilometres, when Sanders accelerated and gained ground on Kienle. It was Sander’s strong run that earned him the victory and resulted in Kienle coming second for the second year in a row. This year the German has his eyes on the win. ,,After two second places, of course I would love to finally win this race. I will be in top shape and will come to Samorin after specific preparation. I know the race now and know what it takes. I aim to step up a gear and win this race.”

For Kienle, THECHAMPIONSHIP is one of the best and also one of the most important races of the year. ,,It attracts the best athletes of the world and this year will be no exception. Ben Kanute and also Florian Angert, who is training with the same coach as I do, are both absolutely top guys. They know they have the opportunity to make a name in this race. It’s not just me, but also my sponsors that value this event, so it’s a very important one. Just talking about it, makes me smile already!”

In Kienle’s opinion, THECHAMPIONSHIP is a race nobody should miss. ,,First of all, this race has already become a classic amongst the pros. It’s an amazing race for all the athletes because the facilities are so close together. I’ve been doing races for a number of years, so I know how stressful it can be with all the logistics involved. At THECHAMPIONSHIP, this is just one pressure that’s eased, because not only are all the training facilities in immediate vicinity of your hotel room but also the race venue itself!”

Another strong contender for this year is the 21-year old Frederic Funk. THECHAMPIONSHIP will be his first. ,,At my age, I’m probably the youngest starter on the list, so my goal is to do the best I can and get as close to the world’s best as possible. My first start at THECHAMPIONSHIP will be to gain the utmost experience, so I can come back in following years and do better and better. For this year, I would be happy with a position amongst the top ten.”

Although it’s Funk’s first ever race in Samorin, he can hardly wait. ,,I’ve heard such great things about this race. About the venue and the atmosphere. Yes, I’m really looking forward to it!”

About The Championship
The Championship counts as the apotheosis of CHALLENGEFAMILY season to be hold on June 2nd, 2019. For professional athletes, The Championship 2019 will carry a minimum €150,000 prize purse. An unique professional qualifying system enables professional athletes to qualify for The Championship 2019 via Challenge Family events worldwide.

Age Group athletes will have the opportunity to qualify with a top six Age Group finish at any Challenge Family event worldwide during the qualification period. Top 6 teams in the male, female and mixed categories in relay events will qualify for The Championship at Challenge Family events. Slots will roll down in each Age Group and relay category up to 12th place. There won’t be a roll down system for the pros.

Based in Amberg, Germany, CHALLENGEFAMILY is the leading global triathlon festival race series. With over 40 races annually across 26 host countries, CHALLENGEFAMILY is the fastest growing mass endurance triathlon brand in the world. CHALLENGEFAMILY offers “events for everyone” with a “festival character,” so that everyone can share in the triathlon experience, from professionals to age-groupers.