2 cycling documentaries from Red Bull you need to watch

During quarantine, most of us have a lot of free time left to spend at home. Although the situation can be very frustrating, it gives us the opportunity to discover a great variety of new things. For example, triathlon training at home inspires people to be very creative in creating exercises. Probably, the core stability of the triathletes is better than ever before, as well. Next to training at home, there are other ways to enjoy the different aspects of endurance sports.

Red Bull is known for supporting extreme sports. With RedBullTV, the company has created a free platform full of very interesting films and documentaries, mainly about these extreme sports. Themes include adventure, endurance sports, climbing, mountain biking, motocross and many more. To help you not to get lost in all the content of the RedBullTv platform, we have selected the 2 best cycling documentaries for you. In no particular order:

Ice 2 Ice

Michael Strasser’s new cycling world record

On their website, Red Bull describes this documentary as follows: “Starting in Alaska, Michael Strasser pedalled his way from North America across the equator to Patagonia, in South America. His journey covered more than 23,000km (14,000 miles), through hills and valleys and all kinds of terrain.

You can find the trailer here

You can find the full documentary here

Seabase 1910

Riding the Pyrenees on a fixed-gear bike

On their website, RedBull describes this documentary as follows: “Recreating the gruelling first mountain stage of the 1910 Tour de France, Patrick Seabase strives for the seemingly impossible: in a single day, he aims to ride five summits, 309km and 7,611m altitude on a fixed-gear bike with no brakes.”

You can find the full documentary here