100 Years of ABUS Cycling

As ABUS Cycling celebrates its remarkable 100th anniversary in 2024, the company’s legacy is a testament to a century of innovation, dedication, and evolution.

Back in 1924, August Bremicker and his sons kicked off their journey into business, crafting sturdy “Iron Rock” padlocks in their cellar forge. Fast forward to 1931, when ABUS made history with the launch of their first bike lock, the mighty “No. 1000,” recognising the importance of bikes and introducing a chain lock made with care. The spirit of innovation continued with the unveiling of the Diskus lock in 1949, inspired by Olympic gear and becoming ABUS’s first registered brand. Throughout the years, ABUS spread the word with promotional ads in 1954 and expanded its reach with a modern production site in 1957, drawing employees from nearby towns to join the team.

By 1966, ABUS broadened its horizons into home security, introducing door locks, cylinders, and more, teaming up with the police to fight burglaries. The ’70s saw ABUS making strides internationally, forming partnerships, especially in vibrant Hong Kong. Quality remained king in 1983 with a new test lab ensuring top-notch standards.

ABUS’s commitment to keeping riders safe soared in 1994 with the “Ultra-Safe” bike helmet and kept on growing with new products over the years. As we hit the new millennium, electronic security solutions joined the party, and collaborations in premium bike helmets sprouted in 2016.

As the company honours its centennial in 2024, it embraces a forward-looking approach, focusing on intelligent and sustainable business, symbolised by the introduction of the ABUS One app – a big leap into the world of smart security, blending innovation with a century-long commitment to safety.

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